An arrest can change the course of a kid’s life—but it doesn’t have to.

The juvenile justice system is unique and governed by specialized rules and procedures. Our juvenile justice attorneys know the system inside and out. At every step of the way, a good defense attorney can make a difference. For example, they can influence:

  • where a juvenile is housed pending the disposition of a case,
  • whether they are treated like a child or an adult,
  • whether a juvenile’s record gets expunged.

All of these decisions can have a profound impact on a child’s future.

At MCR, we want the best result for juvenile clients now and in the future. Our representation is geared to preserving a child’s opportunity to go to school, to work, and to lead happy and productive adult lives.

To that end, we offer special services for juveniles charged with crimes on school grounds. We will represent juveniles in court and also in school-based disciplinary hearings. Without an advocate at school hearings, juvenile defendants can end up compromising their criminal case. What’s more, they can lose educational opportunities and fall prey to overzealous discipline. An MCR attorney can assure a coordinated approach to criminal and school matters.